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Andthen is a design-led futures research studio which understands and designs for emerging complex social issues. Living in a time of rapid change we are increasingly aware of the need to question our social trajectory, and at Andthen we explore futures and developing trends in order to reflect critically on the way we live today. By exploring future based scenarios and communicating them in accessible and tangible ways, we find unconventional and unexplored opportunities informing the design of policies, services and products.

As an interdisciplinary studio with backgrounds in product, service, and interaction design, the social sciences, and futures research, we are well placed to approach these complexities. We conduct both self-motivated and client-based projects, and always involve a participatory aspect to our design and research process. Our ultimate goal is to make speculating on the future, and thus the design of the future, as democratic as possible.


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Santini Basra, Director

Santini is a designer exploring the crossover between design research and futures research. He founded Andthen as a vehicle facilitate this exploration, and to foster a new approach to understanding, and proactively working with social change across all forms of commercial business and social enterprise. 


Zoë Prosser, Designer and Futures Researcher

Zoë is a social designer and researcher. She researches design and designs research that considers the human behaviours behind our engagement with new ways of thinking and doing. Her work within rural contexts focuses on sustaining community autonomy through practice-led engagement methods, including a Master of Research (MRes) with the Creative Futures Partnership between Glasgow School of Art and Highlands and Islands Enterprise.




Will Brown, Associate

Will Brown is a design researcher that seeks to create simplicity out of complexity to design for a future in symbiosis with people and place. He believes in combining a creative and analytical approach to imagine shamelessly idealistic visions of the future with pragmatic strategies on how to reach them. Will is currently working with Farenheit 212 in London, and has previously worked with Plan, and IDEO.

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Lewis Just, Associate

Lewis is a post disciplinary designer who uses a systems and human-centric approach to explore complex social issues. His work focuses on sustainability in the widest sense of the word, and he is especially interested in the future of money. Lewis is currently working with Next Nature, Metabolic Foundation, and Butterfly Works, and has previously held positions at Designit in Brazil, and Plan in London. and in Amsterdam. He also supports in tackling the growing issue of plastic waste.


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