Using long term thinking to make better decisions today.

As we experience a rapidly increasing pace of change, the innovation industry needs to embrace a long-termist mindset.

By working with organisations to anticipate change, we help them understand how to take action in the present day that will guide them toward a preferred future.

A flexible way of working that maximises communication, collaboration, and learning.

Our small team is extremely flexible, and we like to establish ways of working with our partners that maximise collaboration and embedded learning, while minimising inefficiencies due to missed lines of communication. Our core team is responsible for managing and delivering projects, and we leverage our diverse network of collaborators to deliver work with added capabilities and specialised expertise.

Our core team

Santini Basra

Founder, Studio Lead, Design Strategist
Santini is a designer and researcher exploring the crossover between design research and futures thinking. He founded Andthen in 2016 as a platform to develop a new approach to innovation, and has since led projects across the finance, education, retail, manufacturing and mindfulness sectors.

Lizzie Abernethy

Lizzie is a designer, strategist, and researcher, currently using design and futures at Andthen to solve innovation challenges. She studied in Milan, Cologne, and Glasgow, and worked across social innovation with Butterfly Works, inclusive city development with Agile City, and co-founded Glasgow Tool Library before joining Andthen.


Based in other parts of the world, and committed to other endeavours, our associates work with us to stimulate internal projects and thinking. Every six months, we outline an associate budget, and give them free reign to do what they want with it. While our core team is often focussed on client work, our associates help to keep us fresh and focussed on the big picture.

Our associates

Lewis Just

Lewis is a post disciplinary designer who uses a systems and human-centric approach to explore complex social issues. His work focuses on sustainability in the widest sense of the word, and he is especially interested in the future of money. Lewis is currently working with the Next Nature Network, the Metabolic Foundation, and Butterfly Works, and has previously held positions at Designit in Brazil, and Plan in London.

Will Brown

Will Brown is a design researcher that seeks to create simplicity out of complexity to design for a future in symbiosis with people and place. He believes in combining a creative and analytical approach to imagine shamelessly idealistic visions of the future with pragmatic strategies on how to reach them. Will is currently working with Fahrenheit 212 in London, and has previously worked with Plan in London, and IDEO in Munich.
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