Another Future
Another Future is a futures board game demonstrating the values of futures thinking as we see it at Andthen.
Why we made this game
At Andthen, we believe that the act of thinking about the future broadens people’s ideas around what’s possible, helps people better identify their point of view, and gives people the confidence to act today in service of the future they want to see tomorrow.

With this game, our ambition is not to teach people how to use futures, or to create a tool or a method, but instead is to promote the virtues which we feel are synonymous with a futures thinking mindset.

Another Future aims to promote key futures thinking ‘virtues’ such as ‘there are multiple possible futures,’ ‘short-termist attitudes are often damaging in the long-term,’ and that ‘everyone has a different idea of what a preferable future looks like.’

The aim of the game
Climate disaster is fast approaching unless people work together to slow the effects. You each have a vision for how the climate crisis should be solved; can you work together to build a future for all, or will you work alone to try and build your own ‘preferable future’?

The aim of the game is to complete a 4x4 grid of tiles which presents your collective future world.

Each tile represents an action which will have an impact on the future you are building. The colours on the tiles correspond to the characters’ preferred future, and some cards can trigger events which may disrupt play.
How to play
There are four characters, each with a different vision for the future.

All players win if the board reflects an even distribution of colours - a well balanced future world is created. However, you can choose not to cooperate with the other players and build a future according to your idea of what is ‘preferable’. If time runs out before completing the grid, then the world has become uninhabitable, humans have failed to collaborate to solve the climate crisis, and all the players will lose.

Take turns to add to the Future world.
Collaborate with others or see your vision win out. 

Disrupt game play by playing event cards —but be careful — you might render this future world uninhabitable.

Try the game!
We’ve been designing Another Future as a side project here at Andthen. This first release is a 'Print and Play' which is available as a pay-what-you-want download.   

We plan to develop Another Future further and would welcome feedback from anyone who plays it. Please send any feedback to

If you’d like to spread the word, use #anotherfuture on Twitter or tag us on Instagram @studioandthen

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