Modelling new forms of social design education

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The Institute of Design Innovation is a team of designers, researchers and lecturers within the Glasgow School of Art. Using the discipline of Design Innovation, they explore the complex socio-economic challenges faced by Scotland through the creation of new design practices and bespoke community engagement.
Each year, the Institute of Design Innovation hosts a ‘Winter School’ at the Glasgow School of Art’s remote ‘Creative Campus’ in Forres, inviting students and staff from a range of international design and innovation schools.

In 2017, we were invited to run a workshop with academic staff and course leaders from guest schools to explore and envision new forms of social design education. The schools included ENSCI Les Ateliers, Carnegie Mellon, Politecnico di Milano, TH Koln, KISD, Ambedkar University Delhi, KADK Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, University of Aveiro, Singapore Institute of Technology, Audencia Business School, Central Saint Martins and The Glasgow School of Art.  

Split into groups, participants were assigned a provocation from which, using a mixture of stakeholder mapping and creative visualisation, they created and presented future models of social design education.
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