A deep dive into Tens’ customer base

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Tens is sunglasses company, first imagined by three friends during a road trip across the Scottish Highlands. Since their launch on Indiegogo in 2014, they have gone from strength to strength, from securing investment from Richard Branson, to growing as an international fashion brand.
The retail sunglasses brand, Tens, was facing several critical decision points around brand repositioning, changing manufacturing materials, and changing price points. They approached us to help them gain an understanding of their customers and identify which parts of their brand and product were of most value to them.
"The insights discovered during this project were invaluable in helping us to define who our customers are. As a result this allowed us to create an effective marketing plan that spoke directly to an identified audience and helped us shape our brand for the future in a strategic manner. We couldn't recommend Andthen’s services highly enough."
Kris Reid, Director, Tens
We initially used the Tens mailing list to conduct a survey that collected quantitative and qualitative data of their customer base, and helped us source a pool of participants for further research. Using the quantitative data, we segmented their customer base into groups and recruited 14 customers across these groups for semi-structured Skype interviews.

Based on our conversations with their customers, we created a series of ‘tribes,’ which outlined different groups of Ten's customers and the different forms of value that each of these groups derived from buying Tens’ sunglasses. Corresponding to each of the tribes, we created a ‘chief’ which, similar to a persona, served as an example of an individual who was an archetypal member of the tribe.

Ultimately, based on our learnings, we delivered a series of strategy recommendations around the evolution of their product, brand and marketing.
This project helped the senior Tens team gain a level of abstraction from the day-to-day, and achieve a sense of clarity around their high-level strategic goals. It has fed directly into key product and brand decisions, and continues to inform thinking about the next steps for Tens as a company.
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