What we’re into

Thinking Long Term

We started Andthen because we wanted to offer an alternative to the short term, ‘don’t ask why,’ treadmill of innovation. While useful in some contexts, most of the thorny innovation challenges we work on are too complex to chip away at with blinkers on. We believe in taking a step back, truly understanding the issue, and figuring out an approach that will provide long term impact.

The studio's director writing on some paper
Employees sat at their desk

Keeping Flexible

Having a unique approach means that we don’t need to treat every project the same. We work to suit the needs of each challenge, keeping ourselves flexible, and crafting a bespoke process to address each individual project. We thrive from working in different contexts and are always looking for learnings that can be taken from one sector to another. 

Respecting your knowledge

We aren’t here to school anyone on the fundamentals of their organisation. You know the most about what you do. Our role is to provide a fresh perspective, help you organise your thoughts, conduct specialist tasks, and expand each others’ thinking along the way. 

Core team

Santini Basra


Futures dork and founder of Andthen. Also teaching at the Glasgow School of Art and hosting Speculative Futures Glasgow. Wants to make us all think about the long-term future and gets way too excited by inventing new tools to do so.

Lizzie Abernethy

Senior Designer & Researcher

Keen on sharing so helped set up the Glasgow Tool Library. Explored the commons with Agile City and social innovation with Butterfly Works. Likes engaging people in public space about public issues, this sometimes involves monster costumes

Freyja Harris

Designer & Researcher

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art after two years abroad on design courses in Stockholm and Cologne. Whilst thinking this would focus her design practice the opposite was closer to the case. Now taking solace in a thorough research approach and an interest in social and cultural issues to her work.  

Will Brown

Senior Strategist

Obsessed with how to get people and planet to work together. Laid roots in business model innovation at Fahrenheit 212, IDEO, and Plan. Branching out through an exploration of futures and long-termism. Going out on a limb with an ecoburial business called Return To Nature.