In our spare time...

When we’re not working with our clients, we like to spend time thinking about our practice, honing our approach, and inventing new tools and methods to bring to future projects. Sometimes we speak or write about our work, share tools demonstrating our way of doing, or run side projects to test out something new.

The Andthen team in their studio

From the Journal...


A few things that we’ve created to help you on your design futures adventures...

The Andthen Vision Study

A deep dive into visions; what is a vision, how are they used and what's the point of them?

Unintended Consequences Open Toolkit

This open toolkit will help you to explore the unintended and unexpected consequences of a particular change, and to identify purposeful actions you can take now which preempt future opportunities and disruptions. 

Futures Reading List

Our top reads for someone who wants to learn more about our way of thinking and doing.

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Unintended Consequences

Someone once told us that policy can’t preempt change, that it can only react to it. We disagreed, so we created ‘Unintended Consequences’ — a tool to anticipate change. We gave it a road test and created ‘The Unintended Consequences of Autonomous Vehicles.’

Another Future

Pushing ourselves to explore new formats, Another Future is a four-player print-and-play board game we developed which is anchored on the values of futures thinking that we care about. Set in the context of a fast approaching climate crisis, each player character has a different vision of how best to address the crisis.

“Can you work together to build a future for all, or will you work alone to try and build your own ‘preferable future’?”

Speculative Futures Glasgow

We organise and run the Glasgow chapter of Speculative Futures — a global community of over 50 meetups across 6 continents dedicated to exploring the role of futures in design. At Speculative Futures Glasgow, we’re interested in applied futures — we want to learn about how people are applying long-term thinking in their organisations.