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Pro Bono Service

Twice a year, we will review our accounts and put a percentage of our turnover towards pro bono work. This means that every six months, eligible organisations will be given the opportunity to apply for us to work with them for free or at a discount (depending on the size of the engagement).
current pro bono rate
of turnover
every 6 months
If you are interested in applying, some guidance has been given below as to who is eligible, what kinds of engagement are eligible, how the engagement works and the application process.

Who is eligible?

What kinds of organisation can apply?
Andthen’s pro bono services are only available to incorporated, socially and/or culturally driven not-for-profit organisations. We equate this to Charities, Community Interest Companies and Community Benefit Societies (or the equivalent if a non-UK based organisation). While we will accept applications from organisations that do not fit the aforementioned legal structures, we will only offer pro bono services to organisations which:
  • are not-for-profit
  • are not owned by a for-profit parent company
  • are incorporated hold a bank account
  • are legally allowed to purchase services
We do not have any restrictions on the size of organisation; regardless of whether you are a 2 person or 200,000 person organisation, we are happy to work with you.
What kinds of causes do we support?
We will not work with any organisation whose cause or mission we disagree with — where there is uncertainty, any decisions about this will be made through an internal discussion with our employees. Broadly speaking, we are looking to promote equality, inclusivity, and wellbeing, and will favour projects which have significant potential for impact in these areas.

What kinds of engagement are eligible?

What types of engagement will we do on a pro bono basis?
We are happy for our pro bono services to be put towards any kind of engagement — strategy projects, capacity building, talks, workshops, mentorship, board service, or whatever else you can think of.
What challenges will we address with our pro bono work?
We are interested in working across a diverse range of challenges, however, in order to stay true to our expertise we are most interested in working on projects that explicitly involve components of futures thinking — i.e. those which involve researching, understanding, and building strategies around social, technological, economic, and other forms of change.

Our services are bespoke to each client, and feel free to reach out if you want to chat about how we can work with you.

How does the engagement work?

We will strive to treat pro bono engagements as similarly as possible to our other engagements. That means:
  • The same team members are working on pro bono work and paid client work
  • Our team are not volunteering for pro bono work — they are paid their normal salary by Andthen
  • Pro Bono clients must agree to a formal proposal and sign a contract.
What exactly does pro-bono cover?
Every six months, we intend to give the equivalent of a fixed percentage of our revenue away as free services. This means that the size of the engagement dictates the amount of discount we can give.

Here are a few examples to help explain:
However, while our services are free (or discounted, if the engagement is larger than our pro bono budget for the specific period), there are a few things which aren’t free. Specifically:
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
    Should a project require travel, we will always look for the cheapest reasonable travel and accommodation options.

  • Material Expenses
    Such as materials for a workshop, or large scale printing for a presentation.

  • Freelance/Contractor Expenses
    Specialist support in an area which is outwith our expertise.

  • Extra deliverables or amendments
    If the scope of the project, number or size of deliverables, or number of amendments is increased from the amount outlined in the project proposal and contract, then we will charge at our standard daily rate for extra time spent on the engagement.

Before starting any engagement, we will give clear estimates as to how much we expect to spend on expenses.

Application process

The following outlines the application process:
1. Pro Bono discount announced
Every 6 months we will announce how much Pro Bono discount is available on our services, and will invite organisations to register their interest for approximately 3 - 4 weeks. If you aren’t ready to note your interest now, and want to wait for a subsequent round, feel free to sign up to our newsletter or follow us on twitter to be notified of forthcoming rounds.
2. Noting your interest
The initial part of the application involves filling out a survey to note your interest. This helps us check that you are eligible for pro bono services, find out a little about you and your organisation, and it gives us a sense of the kind of engagement you are looking for.
3. Selecting ‘Finalists’
We will read through the notes of interest, and select a few ‘finalists’ based on various factors including eligibility, achievability, scope, relevance to our expertise, available pro bono resource, and potential impact. We will then arrange meetings with remaining applicants to discuss the potential engagement in more detail.
4. We send a proposal
We will further narrow down the number of organisations, then craft and send a proposal to the remaining applicant(s), based on the discussions of our previous meeting.
5. Review Proposal
You have a chance to review the proposal, and discuss any changes you would like to make with us.
6. Accept Proposal
If you accept the proposal, then the project will start in line with the schedule outlined in the proposal. If at this phase you change your mind and decide you don’t want to work with us, we will reallocate the pro bono service to either another pro bono project this round or to the next round of applications.


We are in the early stages of our pro bono service and are learning as we go. If you have any questions, if something is unclear to you, or you have any thoughts, please feel free to reach out to us at
Key Dates:

Last notes of interest accepted — 31st March
Shortlisted organisations notified — 5th April
Meetings or calls arranged — 8th to 19th April
Successful candidate(s) notified — 26th April
Project start — negotiable
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We are accepting notes of interest until the midnight (GMT) on the 31st March 2019
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Currently accepting notes of interest for Spring 2019